Did you know that wool is a very suitable material for garments for activity? And that a knitted garment in wool has good breathability? The vest below is made for training and has got the name Aktiv which is Norwegian for active. There are three features in particular that were in focus in the process of design.

First, the vest has plenty of room for movement, even if the fit is tight. That is because knitted fabric gives nice elasticity.

Secondly, a breathable material is needed when exercising. Wool has that quality and therefore helps to protect the body against both changes in temperature and moisture levels when training. You can read more about the wool’s excellent qualities at Woolmarks site.

Third, the vest had to be light weighted. So, it is knitted with rather thick needles to this type of yarn to keep the weight down, and to make an insulating air layer especially regarding activity on colder days. The light weight also makes it easy to roll up and put in a pocket or backpack.

The knitted vest Aktiv made for training.

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