Easy knitted headband

This is a small and quick knit project which is easy to make. You will be able to complete it in no time, and it gives you a good opportunity to use scrap yarn. Besides, who does not need a new headband now and then? This one is worked in the round and can easily be adjusted to desired measurements.

A quick knit

If you like to make this headband you will need sports weight yarn, approximately 50 grams and 100 metres. And you will also need a 4 mm needle to knit in the round.

Cast on 88 stitches with a 4 mm needle, join and place a marker for the beginning of the round. Work K2 P2 ribbing for 15 cm. Bind off K over K and P over P, and weave in ends. That is all! Your new headband is finished.

To adjust the size of the headband

It is easy to adjust the size. To change the width you will have to add or subtract stitches. The total number of stitches must be divisible with four, which means that you will have to add or subtract 4 stitches at a time. To adjust the length, you will have to knit shorter or longer than stated. Both adjustments will affect how much yarn you will need.

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Hat knitted with different dye lots

Same yarn colour, but different dye lots?

Why not make it a part of the garment’s look?

On a sweater for example. Figure out if there is enough yarn of same dye lot to knit two sleeves of it. And if not, you might want to place it as a stripe on the yoke or the body. Or maybe you want to make something smaller?

Here is a tip for a hat. This hat is knitted with two different blue colours, only one grey colour, and for the white part it is used three different dye lots.

The darkest colours are in bottom of the hat, and the lightest colours on top. So, the white yarn was sorted by which one was brighter. One can hardly see that they are different, and that was the point this time.

All the colours are knitted to the end of the thread and used up. Because of that the switching of colours will start on different places on the hat and make a softer impression of the shifts. Easy and fun.

White in three different dye lots.

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Did you know that the same garment can look completely different depending on which materials you choose to make it? Here is an example of how the choice of yarn gives these two jackets different expressions.

Different expressions with super bulky yarn.

Fluffy and elastic or firm with clear lines? The choice of yarn gives different expressions.

Look at those two cardigans. They are knitted with the same pattern.

The green one is knitted with a super bulky yarn, like the pattern calls for. It is easy to see the shape of the finished garment. The fabric is firm, still the jacket is soft and warm.

The white one is knitted with a fluffy, bulky yarn. Each stitch is a little bit looser with this yarn, and that gives the fabric some more of elastic. It also softens the lines of the shape.

The choice of yarn will of course have an impact on the finished garments weight. In this example the green cardigan is 1 kilo and the white only 275 grams! But that does not necessarily do anything to the expression.

At last, the question is what need the garment is meant to cover. Choose the yarn that gives both the wished functionality and expression.

Different expressions with fluffy, bulky yarn.
You will find the pattern in the online store: Jacket with collar

To see more designs from Aud B, visit the online shop at audb.no. And for more inspiration, stay tuned to this blog and check it out.