Knitting needles

If you have a pattern in a different size than you want to knit, then you should consider to use another yarn which goes to a different needle size. To make a smaller version you then will have to choose a thinner yarn, and the opposite if you want a larger size of the finished project.

When you have chosen yarn, check out the recommended gauge for it. Then you can use it to find which of the sizes in the pattern that will give the wished circumference. If, for example, the recommended gauge is 22 stitches per 10 cm, and you want the finished garment to have a circumference of 100 cm, then you will have to do a minor calculation. First find how many stitches there is per cm; 22 sts / 10 cm = 2,2 sts. Then multiply it with the circumference; 100 cm * 2,2 sts = 220 sts. Compare your answer with the stated number of stitches the different sizes in the pattern. Now you are able to choose the size that comes closest to desired result.

To knit the design Hjemover in another size

Here is an example where the children’s sweater Hjemover is turned in to a jacket in female size M. To transform the size 8 YO to a fitted size M both yarn and needle were changed. This jacket is made with DK weight yarn and a 4 mm needle instead of fingering weight yarn and a 3 mm needle. Also the length of both the body and the sleeves are adjusted to reach the desired length.

A nice result, or what? And besides this pattern gives a really good opportunity to use up leftover yarn.

sweater Hjemover

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Did you know that the same garment can look completely different depending on which materials you choose to make it? Here is an example of how the choice of yarn gives these two jackets different expressions.

Different expressions with super bulky yarn.

Fluffy and elastic or firm with clear lines? The choice of yarn gives different expressions.

Look at those two cardigans. They are knitted with the same pattern.

The green one is knitted with a super bulky yarn, like the pattern calls for. It is easy to see the shape of the finished garment. The fabric is firm, still the jacket is soft and warm.

The white one is knitted with a fluffy, bulky yarn. Each stitch is a little bit looser with this yarn, and that gives the fabric some more of elastic. It also softens the lines of the shape.

The choice of yarn will of course have an impact on the finished garments weight. In this example the green cardigan is 1 kilo and the white only 275 grams! But that does not necessarily do anything to the expression.

At last, the question is what need the garment is meant to cover. Choose the yarn that gives both the wished functionality and expression.

Different expressions with fluffy, bulky yarn.
You will find the pattern in the online store: Jacket with collar

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How much fun isn not it to work together with someone, who has a completely different way of thinking, and add new points of view to a subject?

When two people put their heads together, they will meet a task with their individual perspective and knowledge, even if they should have the same background in education and experience. Because there will always be some parts of their life that has been different, besides the distinctions between personalities.

It is indeed interesting to get to know another perspective, to see a task from a new angle. Very often it gives a wider view, and more opportunities for which solution to choose.

To cooperate on the knitted jacket Duo

To cooperate with a six-year-old, gives indeed some new angles. And whatever thoughts one might have about what is possible or not, they will have to be thought once again. Because a six-year-old will not leave a question open or accept something as a problem without being given a very good reason.

This jacket, Duo, is the result of cooperation between mother and son. He wanted both Superman and Batman on his jacket, and his mother thought that would be quite difficult to manage in a pattern for knitting. Her six-year-old insisted on how easy it would be, and draw the motives from his point of view, into a chart. Of course, the two superheroes on the jacket are not look-alike to the originals, but the six-year-old had made a motive he was happy with. And he had shown his mother a new angle to work on further with the design.

Nice to cooperate on the jacket Duo.

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Everyone who loves to go fishing knows that there are different ways to cast the line. That could depend on surroundings, equipment or other things. There is always something new to learn, and techniques to test.

Sometimes it is just like a door opens, to a new world, only because of the knowledge of a new technique. And it is all fun to explore how it works, and to find out which new possibilities it contains.

Maybe a new technique will make some tasks easier, but also give new challenges. Maybe it will be the solution needed to come further with an idea. One can guess, but never know exactly, before this new technique has been practiced on the project one hoped it would work for.

Like the jacket Playful. At first it was just meant to be a small crocheted piece, to test how the technique worked. Then the inspiration came, to make something more. It certainly was some questions who needed answers, before it could be a jacket, but it was all worth it. And – a lot of fun.

The crocheted jacket Playful

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The rocks that was the inspiration for the design Granite by Aud B

Sometimes the inspiration in a design is obvious, and easy to recognize in a finished product. Sometimes one will have to take a closer look to find the link between them. Here is one example on the first, where it is easy to see where it is easy to see that nature has been the inspiration.

The jacket Granite is inspired by the rocks along the seaside in the northern part of Norway. Both the colour and the texture are easy to recognize. The grey and white mixed together in the squares, reminds of granite, at least the grey variant. The use of garter makes texture, which put one’s mind to the round shape of the rocks.

The nature has been a source for inspiration at all times, and still it inspires to new designs and new people. It seems to always be something there to inspire someone. Like a day-to-day wonder.

The knittet jacket Granite by Aud B. When nature is inspiration.

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