The rocks that was the inspiration for the design Granite by Aud B

Sometimes the inspiration in a design is obvious, and easy to recognize in a finished product. Sometimes one will have to take a closer look to find the link between them. Here is one example on the first, where it is easy to see that nature has been the inspiration.

The jacket Granite is inspired by the rocks along the seaside in the northern part of Norway. Both the colour and the texture are easy to recognize. The grey and white mixed together in the squares, reminds of granite, at least the grey variant. The use of garter makes texture, which put one’s mind to the round shape of the rocks.

The nature has been a source for inspiration at all times, and still it inspires to new designs and new people. It seems to always be something there to inspire someone. Like a day-to-day wonder.

The knittet jacket Granite by Aud B. When nature is inspiration.

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